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Elder sisters, best friends, and mothers are the most common and easy to approach persons when it comes to questions about health and beauty. At times though, even they can be stumped for an answer! What does one do then? read more

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Find out 10 drinks to avoid during summer. Think before you choose to supplement water with any other drink.

30-09-2018 153
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Is fashion harmful? Have you ever thought that following fashion trends can have negative effects on health? Below, read some of the health hazards of being fashionable.

27-09-2018 150
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How to stay young you wonder? Here are 5 best secrets that will help you look young. The right regimen of exercise can help you look young for a long, long time.

26-09-2018 110
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Know how chocolate is healthy when consumed in moderate quantities. Also, let’s debunk some of the bad effects of chocolate.

30-09-2018 63
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Here are 6 foods that will help you build your immunity. Some are blessed with good immunity and for the rest, here is some help.

02-10-2018 56
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Here are 7 tips that will enhance your shaving experience. These shaving tips for men will help them achieve a perfect shave.

02-10-2018 55
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Here are some of the best exercises for strong bones. Follow these workouts to enhance your overall bone health.

02-10-2018 54
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Want to motivate your child? These 10 tricks will help. Congratulate kids on their accomplishments and this acts as a positive reinforcement.

05-10-2018 50
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Here are 16 diet foods which will help you lose weight and benefit your body greatly. The diet food plan will surely help you shed a few kilos.

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