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Did you know that you need energy while resting as well? Yes, you do and it is crucial to know how much of it is needed to attain your fitness goals. Try out our BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Calculator and stay informed.

BMR Status

According to the data filled, here’s your BMR

0000 BMR


For Women < 1400
For Men < 1800

2,361 cal/day

To maintain your weight per week

1,200 cal/day

To lose 0.5kg (inch loss ) per week

1,360 cal/day

To lose 1kg per week

2,861 cal/day

To gain 0.5kg per week

3,360 cal/day

To gain 1kg per week

BMR can be included for pregnant females

BMR can be included for people who have more of supplements
Your Ideal BMI
Your Ideal Weight
65-70 Kg
Risk Factor
Healthy Diet

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