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10 Makeup myths busted

Makeup facts and tips

Myth 1: You do not need Primers if you have evenly applied foundation and moisturized your skin well.

Fact: Primers are basically used to fill your fine lines, reduce the visibility of your pores and keep your foundation looking fresh and radiant, for longer. With age, your skin develops its natural flaws and the use of primers becomes mandatory. For best results, use your primer after moisturizing your facial skin and before applying your foundation.

Myth 2: Red Lipstick does not look good on everyone.

Fact: Generally, red can look good on everyone. The trick is to find the right shade of red that suits your particular skin tone. However, to play it safe you may start using red lip colors with blue undertones, as they look good almost on everyone. But remember, learning to apply lipstick the right way, is just as important for the right effect. With just a little patience and practice, you can surely achieve those red-hot lips, you’ve always dreamt of.

Myth 3: Foundation should match your cheek, hand, neck or forehead.

Fact: Getting the perfect shade of foundation is one of the toughest tasks, while choosing your makeup products. Your facial skin is much lighter than your hands; yet at the same time, it’s a tad bit darker on the sides and forehead. Hence, the best way to select a foundation is to check the stripes on your jawline. But, always remember to step out into the natural light while making this crucial decision.

Myth 4: You can change the lip-size using lip plumper.

Fact: Ok Ladies, a lip plumper will definitely not change the size of your lips. The way they work is that they give your lips a swollen appearance, by stimulating the blood flow and irritating the lips. The main ingredients in a lip plumper are hot pepper, menthol, caffeine and cinnamon which results in the temporary pronounced pout, which soon wears off.

Myth 5: Pumping the Mascara eliminates Clumps.

Fact: If you pump your mascara tube, you’re actually pumping in more air, due to which the mascara solution dries out quickly and allows germs to breed in your mascara. The best way to eliminate clumps is to rotate the brush inside the mascara tube and then wipe it down with a tissue, before application.

Myth 6: Never wear an eye shadow matching the color of your eyes.

Fact: It is true that if you use contrasting colors, your eyes will pop and look bolder. However, this does not mean that if you have brown eyes, you avoid your favorite brown eye shadow.

Myth 7: Choose a concealer that is lighter than the foundation.

Fact: Every woman has a different skin tone and depending upon your skin tone, you might need more or less foundation coverage. So, it is always better to choose a concealer that comes closest to the shade of your foundation.

Myth 8: Always choose a foundation that is lighter in color compared to your skin tone.

Fact: If you choose a shade of foundation lighter than your skin tone, after a while your face will start showing two different skin shades. Always, test the foundation on your jaw line and if it blends in seamlessly with your skin tone that’s definitely the right shade for you.

Myth 9: Makeup leads to acne.

Fact: No research, until date, has conclusively proved that makeup causes acne. Poor hygiene, sleeping with your makeup on, not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly, and using the products beyond their date of expiry is what leads to breakouts on the skin. New products may also cause skin irritation; which is why, it is better to test them on your elbow, before using them directly on your facial skin.

Myth 10: Tingling makeup products are perfectly fine.

Fact: Makeup products that make your skin tingle are sure to damage your skin and cause injury. It may also lead to bacterial infections and pimples, so you should certainly avoid such products.

You should never compromise on the quality of makeup products, or else your skin may have to suffer the side effects.

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