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What you need to look for as you get older

Common cause of blindness in people aged above 65

One of the common diseases of the eyes that damage the central part of retina is called Macula. It leads to visual impairment and blindness among the elderly.

RPE the retinal pigment epithelium responsible for supplying nutrients to choroid (layer of blood vessels that supply blood to the retina) and removes waste products deteriorates resulting in deposition of wastes.

This damages light-sensitive cells of the macula on account of lack of nutrition. Ultimately it leads to blurred vision as the normal signals sent to the brain by these cells get disrupted. It rarely results in complete blindness. It causes distorted vision and reduced color perception more often.

The person affected might be able to see from the corners of the eyes. Complete loss of vision or blindness result only in extreme cases.

Research shows that in addition to age, the other factor associated with development of AMD is formation of variant of a gene called complement factor H (CFH).

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