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Facial facts to enjoy it better!!

Benefits of a facial

Facials are believed to fix regular skin problems. A facial help remove the dead cells from the skin, helps clear scars, blemishes and dark circles and gives you a rejuvenated fresh look. Different types of facials have their own specific purpose.

When it comes to experimenting on your skin and more so on your face; it is advisable to do a basic research before you get your first facial. To begin with, talk to friends who have had facials done before. Visit the spas and salons that you think are promising in terms of providing good care, get your skin type evaluated and talk to the staff about the various types of facial they offer. Then make an informed decision on what would suit you best.

What do facials do and are they helpful?

Facials claim to revive your skin by removing off the dead cells. They help in making you look young and fresh by tightening the skin and pores.

Everyone has their own take on the usefulness of facials depending on their experiences with facial treatments.

Facials that you get done at the local parlor or spa make you feel great, but they do not have any long-term benefits. On the other hand, chemical peels like microdermabrasion do last long and help you look young.

One may spend loads of money at a spa to get a good facial done for getting pampered, refreshed and feeling young. But within a few days you wonder whether it was worth all the money! The debate on the benefits of a facial is an ever continuing one. 


Some Precautions:

  • Always get a test patch done before you go in for any treatment. This way, the treatment is tested on your hand and you can tell at once whether it will suit your face or not. This is particularly important for those who have sensitive skin or else it can cause the skin to flare up instantly.
  • If you’re looking for some pampering, go in for a simple facial where they will clean, steam and massage your skin.
  • Let your therapist know if you suffer from any allergies or are taking a specific kind of medication. You may think nothing of it, but the products used in the facial may cause adverse reactions on your skin.
  • Pregnant women should inform the therapist immediately as certain products used in facials may not be suitable for them.

    Whenever you get a facial done, remember to get a test patch done. It will let you know if you are allergic to any of the products used.

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