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Fitness in your palms: Most popular fitness apps

Fitness has now come to the palm of your hand

A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day is what the experts recommend. How you achieve that goal is your lookout. Whether you are a gym fanatic, occasional exerciser or a recently reformed couch potato, there is a fitness app for each one of you!


Mobile phones have an application for anything and everything. Fitness is not far behind. Here are a few fitness applications that are extremely popular today:

CountEat.Calories: This iPhone OS fitness app is the perfect one for those who are looking to reduce weight by consuming the right number of calories. It gives you an idea about the range of calories you are consuming during each meal.

Endomondo Sports Tracker: This popular app helps fitness freaks keep track of their activities like how much they run, cycle or jog. It also keeps track of their progress and allows users to share the progress with others. Connect it to other accounts like Yahoo and Facebook and get connected to friends too.

Fitocracy: This free app helps in increasing your dedication to working out. The app features social interaction, prominently. Post a status about your fitness achievement or the reason why you couldn’t go to the gym today and find instant support and admonishments that will surely egg you on further.

GAIN Fitness: This is a workout coaching app. It lets you set your schedules for exercising at home, in the gym or on the go. You just have to follow its instructions, it keeps track of your repetitions and even has a timer for appropriate situations. There is a pre-installed ‘workout’ that comes with the app. If you want more exercises, you will have to buy them at a price.

MyFitnessPal: This is one of the best all-in-one exercise trackers and calorie counters. It has a wide database on all varieties of foods including the popular brands. This app also has a supportive and proactive online community

Nike+: This popular running app keeps track of the pace and distance you have run and also the number of calories you have burnt. It has a GPS tracker for tracking your route. Every time any friend likes your post that you are running, the app gives you a real-time audio cheering which makes you feel great and you end up being encouraged.

These are just some popular apps. The mobile internet world is flooded with several more apps that you can choose as per your convenience and requirements.

Exercise is an important part of our lives. No two people will have the same exercise pattern. Similarly, the fitness app one uses will be different from the requirements of the other.

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