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Glucometers- An easy way to monitor blood sugar levels

Check your blood sugar level instantly

Glucometers are digital devices that give you a reading of your blood sugar, with just a small prick and a drop of blood. They are easy to use and convenient to carry around. They can be handled with ease and you can get an almost accurate reading in a matter of minutes.


How to use a glucometer effectively:

  • First, set out your glucometer, a test strip, a lancet, and a small cotton ball, dipped in a disinfectant.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before the test to prevent infection.
  • Decide which finger you are going to prick to draw out blood. Usually, the middle finger is convenient to use.
  • Sometimes, it may help to improve the blood flow to the fingers, by warming them. You can either rub them or place them in warm water for a while.
  • Turn on the glucometer and place a test strip in the machine. Wait till the machine indicates that you can place the strip.
  • Make sure your hands are dry and then with the cotton ball, dab the disinfectant on the finger you intend to prick.
  • Prick the soft fleshy fingertip to obtain the blood required. Sometimes you may have to massage gently under the prick, to improve the flow.
  • Place the drop of blood on the test strip placed earlier on the glucometer.
  • Place the cotton ball on the prick to prevent infection.
  • The glucometer will take a few seconds before it beeps out the reading of your blood sugar level.
  • Make sure you note it down in your diary so that you can have a proper record of your sugar levels.

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