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Knife-free lip enhancement

A temporary lip enhancer for fuller lips

As if this wasn’t enough, one can now get beautiful lips without the surgeon’s knife too. When Hindi film actress Anushka Sharma was accused of getting a lip job to add beauty and volume to her lips, she denied going under the knife vehemently and said that her lips looked different due to the use of temporary lip enhancers Temporary Lip Enhancers! Now, that’s a new one, isn’t it? Lip enhancement has always been a favourite amongst women. Earlier, getting a lip job meant using injectable dermal fillers to give your lips the volume and plumpness for that delectable pout. But now, with the arrival of the lip enhancement tools, one can have beautiful lips, without the hassles of a lip job.


These tools are small plastic box-like tools that you can carry around in your handbag. You cover your lips with the lip enhancer and then begin to suck the air out of the tool. Continue until solid suction is established and until the tool stays on, without the help of your hands. If you continue doing this for a long time, your lips get elongated.

This simple method will give you fuller, lovelier lips anytime you want, with absolutely no hassles. Moreover, you will not be tampering with your natural beauty either. The downside would be you sit for hours sucking the tool, for an effect that is only temporary. Maybe, a simple injection would have worked better.

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