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Beauty myths v/s facts

Beauty myths busted

Here, we try to look into a few common myths, so you can avoid wasting your time in useless pursuits.

It is essential to know the facts from the myths so that we do the right things to look beautiful.

Do not pull out that grey hair! You will find ten more grey hairs there tomorrow morning: For every hair, you pull out, only one more can take its place. It is not possible that ten more can erupt from the same place.

Split Ends can be repaired: So, claim some famous brands of shampoos, this is not true. The only thing you can do to your split ends is to trim them off as they cannot be repaired.

Trim your hair every two months to make it grow longer and faster: The rate at which your hair grows is not dependent on you trimming it. The only benefit trimming has is that it will clear away the split ends and make your hair look healthy.

Lose weight to lose cellulite: Cellulite is a skin problem, not a weight problem. It happens when your skin loosens and the fat cells creep in. When you lose weight, the skin that had stretched due to the excess weight earlier will now hang loose and will make your cellulite look worse.

If you have oily skin, skip the moisturizer: Do not do that. Skin of all types needs moisturizing. If you have an oily skin and you don’t moisturize it, it will only lead to more oil being secreted by the skin, and this means more acne.

White spot on your nail? It is calcium deficiency: This is one of the most absurd myths ever. The white spots are nothing but cysteine, it’s a type of fat cell that gets pushed up from the cuticle below. It has no relation to any kind of nutritional deficiency whatsoever.

Do not shave, wax instead! Shaving will make your hair growth coarse and thick: Shaving cuts off the hair from the surface of the skin and the stubble that grows is of the same thickness as the hair that was cut off. The only difference is that since long hair tends to taper off at the end, the evenly cut stubble may appear coarse and thick to you.

Wearing heels will give you varicose veins: This is true. High heels interfere with the blood flow and may lead to blood accumulating in your veins. To prevent that, reduce the number of times you wear high heels and avoid wearing them continuously. Slip out of them at every opportunity and put your feet up to allow the blood to flow back. 

Toothpaste can cure acne: The wonders of the humble toothpaste are many. Relieving acne related pain is one of them. Apply a dab of toothpaste over the acne to reduce the swelling, pain, and redness. It will help subside the eruption without the scar marks. Though, it is advised to not use too much of it because the harmful chemicals might cause allergic reactions.

Nail polish will make your nails yellow: It’s true, long-term use of nail polish causes stains on the nails and makes it appear yellow and dirty. Try a bottom coat before you apply nail polish to reduce the staining.

Passed down along generations, many of the beauty concepts have crossed over the thin line of difference between the fact and the myth, and we are left wondering which is true.

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