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Spinning as a form of exercise

Few advantages of spinning

A part of every gymnasium’s repertoire these days, cycling is indeed a great way to maintain one’s fitness, and exercise key muscle groups.

A great new way of exercising indoors, either alone or in a group- Just spin away!!

Here are a few advantages of spinning:

  • Exercises the Buttocks
  • Exercises the Quadriceps
  • Exercises the Hamstrings
  • Builds resistance and endurance
  • Reduces fat around the hips and abdomen
  • Can be done in the privacy of the home

Cycling is a priority for health freaks and they try to get at least 3-4 cycle workouts in a week, along with regular gymnasium workouts. The hectic city life sometimes doesn’t allow cycling. So, some gym owner came up with this novel concept of group spinning classes, where people get on to their stationary bikes and pedal away to the rhythm of the specially selected music. The instructor then gives instructions, as to what speed they should be at.

Thus, from a lazy spin to a mad flying wheel, the spinning classes gradually work up the sweat and increase the oxygen capacity of the spinners. To simulate a hilly landscape, the wheels have a gear mechanism which can be adjusted to add resistance to the pedals.

Spinning in groups can be fun and can motivate one to engage in a competition with the spinner nearby. This is a decided advantage over cycling alone. So, spinning is a good alternative to cycling outdoors, especially on a rainy day.

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