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Wearable health gadgets

Recent advancements in wearable health gadgets

Intelligent asthma management devices

Automatic asthma management systems are wearable & light-weight devices for complete management and monitoring for asthma patients. The device with futuristic design, a coming-of-age graphical user interfaces (GUI) and a cloud-based online portal makes it a stunner in the global map. The asthma victims can forget the burden on their daily health as the setup comes with features like personalized symptom monitoring, inhaler drug level detection, treatment plan, medication reminders,and automatic asthma attack alerts etc.

Mobile glucometer- Smart portable plug-in glucose monitoring

These tiny, portable, FDA-approved mobile blood glucose monitors are capable of connecting to any smartphone through a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. The collected data in the device is accessible through the mobile app which is compatible with IOS and Android platforms. The advanced technology allows the consumer to forget the worry of replenishing the test strip as the app takes care of tracking the usage and reminding a refill. The blood glucose data is accessible anytime from anywhere on a smartphone, as it is stored on a cloud server.

Wireless intelligent thermometer for 24/7 temperature monitoring

This wearable wireless thermometer is in the form of a soft, thin, comfortable and flexible under-arm patch that acts as a 24-hour temperature sentry of your small ones. As the IOS  and Android compatible app can track records from patches of multiple babies, the devices monitor the babies’ temperature round the clock and send an alert on encountering fever. Wireless connectivity lets the child remain undisturbed during its sleep while temperature recording continues in the device.

Smart contact lenses to assess diabetes from tears

Technology to measure glucose levels in the wearers' tears has been developed. The manufacturers are even ready to come out with an assistive contact lens aiding people with age-related vision loss to regain eye's natural autofocusing capability. The glucose measuring sensors are sandwiched between two soft layers of the contact lens. It is also equipped with a microchip to receive power & a micro-antenna to transmit the acquired data to connected smartphones wirelessly. This smart glucose assessment lens technology shall soon be available in the market.

Pressure ulcer prevention – The smart way with a Sensor

This medical device is a unique and automatic sensing instrument for the prevention of hospital-acquired pressure ulcer in long-term hospitalized patients. The sensor device is easily applicable to the patient’s upper torso like a sticker, and the antennas are plugged into a normal wall socket. It automatically monitors the assigned patient’s position, alerts the caregiver when the patient should be assisted to turn and ensures adequate tissue depressurization. The device is water-resistant and light-weight for a patient’s comfort and can be configured to indicate desired to turn intervals, tissue decompression times etc.

24/7 Blood pressure monitor - Comfortable smartphone accessible BP tracker

With a trendy around the arm recording device, the strapped gadget kit lets you measure your systolic& diastolic blood pressure, as well as the heart rate, simultaneously keeping a check over an irregular heartbeat. The outputs are in form of smart stats and charts. Proprietary IOS and Android compatible app, stores individual’s data on a secure cloud platform and integrates communicability with the patient’s health care provider and family.

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