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Nip it in the bud - Heart disease in youngsters

Heart disease in youngsters

More and more youngsters are falling prey to heart attacks these days. Every other day, we read in the newspapers and on Facebook “shares” the news about some techie dying of a heart attack. Most of the times the victims are less than 25 years old.

Nip it in the bud - Heart disease in youngsters What is the reason?

According to a study conducted on 46,000 urban Indians, 78% of them in the age group of 30 to 34 run a risk of heart attacks. This is a staggering statistic. Time for young India to take notice.

The work-culture today demands long hours at the desk with erratic eating schedules and little or no physical exercise. Coffee, tea and energy drinks in excess amounts are a staple presence, something that are necessities to see you through the day. Peer pressure, work stress, personal problems lead to vices like smoking and drinking.

Professionals from the IT and BPO sector are the ones most prone to develop heart attacks. Of all the risk factors, smoking is the worst. Cigarette manufacturers will agree that it is the young crowd that is its biggest customer group. What works against today’s young people is the combined effect of all the risk factors.

What can be done about this grave situation?

Such alarming reports led several major companies and offices to ensure work was not a burden and that office was employee friendly. On a personal level, one needs to understand those small things today lead to bigger results tomorrow. A cigarette here, a couple of drinks with friends there, a couple of extra hours at work tomorrow, a pizza for dinner. Do this regularly and you are a sure victim of heart attack. Instead, take small positive measures like:

  • Avoid the elevator, use the stairs instead. The body could use some exercise.
  • Dump coffee, tea, and sodas. Go for healthier options like green tea.
  • Eat a proper diet, on time.
  • Take time out to de-stress. 
  • Go for an early morning walk.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Don’t overdo the drinking.
  • Do not avoid the regular health checkup.
  • Lastly, never ignore any chest pain.

A sudden heart attack is not uncommon. It is very essential to educate oneself on the signs and symptoms and what to do when one is alone in the event of a heart attack.


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