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Hypertension and Vitamin D

Is vitamin D linked to hypertension?

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins that are required for strong and healthy bones. The body synthesizes it in the skin from cholesterol when there is adequate exposure to sunlight. Over the past decade, vitamin D has been intriguing medical researchers the world over. Several studies were conducted, and interesting results found. One of them is that vitamin D may be implicated in influencing blood pressure levels. 

As per studies conducted, it was found that low levels of vitamin D lead to high blood pressure levels. People living in high altitudes where sunlight is at a minimum level were found to be hypertensive. Also, the winter season showed an increase in hypertension cases which was again attributed to the low sunlight levels.


What exactly does vitamin D do to affect the blood pressure?

  • Renin is an enzyme secreted by the kidneys that constrict the blood vessels and increases the blood pressure. Vitamin D acts by inhibiting this renin.
  • Insulin resistance causes high blood pressure, which is why hypertension often has co-morbidity with diabetes mellitus. Vitamin D helps in improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin.
  • Calcium deposits on the arterial walls harden them and make them lose their elasticity leading to an increase in the pressure of blood flowing through them. Vitamin D helps the body to better absorb and metabolize the calcium.

The role of vitamin D in strengthening bones is very clear. Though the studies have shown that people having a deficiency in vitamin D tend to develop hypertension, the role of vitamin D, in this case, is still not very clear. Also, whether vitamin D supplements help in lowering blood pressure levels is still to be found out.

But all said and done, the research findings cannot be ignored. Moreover, a morning walk is beneficial in many other ways as well. So, get up early, put on your walking shoes and say Hello to the sun.

Vitamin D alone will not help you control your BP. You need to keep taking the medications along with the other dietary and lifestyle changes.

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day!


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