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Don't turn away from stiff neck

Common postures that cause neck pain


Any pain in the neck is really just that: a real pain in the neck. And, it can be really scary. Persistent neck pains should not be ignored and shown to a doctor as soon as possible. If the doctor rules out any serious condition, then the pain invariably can be attributed to faulty posture and sitting habits.                                                                                                               Don't turn away from stiff neck (Article)                                                    

          Some of the common postures that lead to neck pain are: 

  • If the head is held forward of shoulders, it causes undue strain on the vertebrae of the neck and this could easily turn into 'degenerative disc disease' if gone unchecked.
  • Sitting in front of the computer for long hours causes the neck to crouch forward and can lead to soreness and chronic neck pain. 

    What causes neck pain? 
  • Abnormalities in the bone or joints.
  • Trauma.
  • Poor posture.
  • Degenerative diseases.
  • Tumors.
  • Muscle strain.
  • Sometimes the cause of the neck pain could be something more serious like cervical foraminal stenosis.

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