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Answers to your most embarrassing beauty questions!

Beauty & grooming related doubts?

Elder sisters, best friends, and mothers are the most common and easy to approach persons when it comes to questions about health and beauty. At times though, even they can be stumped for an answer! What does one do then?


Here are some of your most embarrassing questions answered:

How do I stop sweating so much?

Do you find yourself sweating like a pig in spite of using the best deodorant? Switch to a different brand. Experts suggest applying it at night so it gets better time to be absorbed into your skin. Also, try wearing a shirt inside which would absorb the sweat and avoid very tight-fitting clothes.

Why do I have bad breath even though I brush regularly?

Bad breath occurs due to the accumulation of food particles in the gaps between your teeth that begin to decay. Rinse your mouth thoroughly every time you finish eating something. Regular brushing means brushing twice a day. It also means flossing your teeth every day. Make sure you keep your mouth hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals.

How do I get rid of my facial hair?

Facial hair can certainly be very embarrassing! Regular waxing helps in removing the hair from the follicle causing the growth rate to slow down and eventually stop altogether. Laser removal is also a good option provided you have loads of money!

How do I get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite is the body's fat storage. Extremely unsightly, cellulite is a beauty bane! Almost 80% of women suffer from cellulite and there is no easy way to get rid of it! Regular workouts help. Massaging the area for a minimum of 45 minutes by professional masseurs also helps a great deal.

What do I do about the pimples on my butt?

Pimple-like eruptions on the butt and back of hands is a common condition. They are not pimples though! This condition is called as Keratosis pilaris and it is seen very commonly. The usual anti-pimple treatments won't work. What you need is a strong medication to dissolve the bumps and slough them away. Consult a dermatologist. He will suggest a retinoid or lactic acid-based cream for you, depending on what suits your skin. Do not try to self-medicate.

What can I do about my stretch marks?

Stretch marks are not caused by pregnancy and drastic weight loss alone. Hormonal changes that cause growth spurts also cause stretch marks. There is no way to get rid of them permanently. You can make them less visible, though. Regular use of over-the-counter anti-stretch marks has shown good results as per various studies.

Why are my armpits so dark?

Dark armpits can be a bothersome issue. The darkness is caused by several years' build-up of dead skin cells. The cells are trapped under the skin and make it appear dark and dirty. Scrub the armpits daily to loosen the dead skin out. Also, apply a moisturizer with lactic acid that will help the cells to ease out and slough away.

I get fine lines around my mouth when I smile! Are they wrinkles? I am only 25!

Regular facial muscle movements cause fine lines to develop which go on to become the age-related wrinkles. It is best to prevent them from the day you see them.

I have dark spots on my lips! It makes me conscious and edgy, especially if I am out on a date! What do I do?

First of all, find out what those dark spots are. It could be a simple case of hyperpigmentation to something as serious as melanoma. Once you get yourself checked and if there is no reason to worry, a dash of lipstick of a dark shade will come to your rescue.


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