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Myths and facts of hair care

Let's clarify some myths about hair

Quality & growth of the hair depends upon multiple factors:

  • Constitution of a person
  • Heredity
  • Nutritional level
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Nourishment to hair
  • Habits



Following are some of the myths regarding hair care:

  • Too frequent hair bath can lead to damage:

False - That's not true. It is very important to maintain hygiene of hair. When a person is visiting outdoors, exposed to dirt, pollution & ultraviolet rays, it can be washed every day. It will remove the harmful/toxic effects of surroundings. It will keep your hair neat & clean. 3 cleanings per week are advised. You can wash your hair on a daily basis if you are subjected to more time outdoors or have a tendency to sweat more on the scalp.

  • Shampoo should be used in large quantity so as to clean:

False - Do not use an excess of shampoo. It can lead to a reduction in the quality of natural oil present in your hair. It can lead to dry hair. It should be used in small quantity. Small quantity is enough for medium length hair. Excessive shampoo may lead to dry & undernourished hair.

  • Oiling/Applying oil daily nourishes hair:

False – It’s not true. Oil should be applied to hair just before hair bath. Oil is generally sticky in nature & has a tendency to attract dirt & other harmful substances towards it. You are not supposed to keep your scalp with oil for long. Wash it off within a few hours of applying oil. After certain hours it does not provide any extra advantage.

  • Brushing for too long is helpful:

False - Initial few strokes may be useful in some way. But later it results to damage. It can even lead to hair fall. Do not brush your hair for long periods. 

  • Hair straightening techniques or colour treatment is harmful:

False - It can give rise to hair fall which is not permanent. Temporary fall can be because of improper techniques used by the salon or improper aftercare. It can’t produce any harm if used properly with care.

  • Dieting can lead to hair loss:

False – Self-dieting can cause hair loss. Dieting is not problematic if done under the guidance of a Dietitian. The purpose of dieting is to prevent you from over-consumption but it’s not against nutrition.

Certain facts:

  • Improper nutrition/starvation is harmful.
  • Smoking has a bad effect on hair.
  • Use hair products under the guidance of a dermatologist.
  • Excess of mental stress can lead to hair loss or damage.
  • Have a healthy & nutritious diet to prevent hair fall.


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