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My world in my purse!

Organize your handbag

The need list

Similar to a wish list, there is always a list of things a girl needs with her, at all times. Try to jot them down on a piece of paper, and pack only those in your purse. This practice is mainly for the beginners. As you follow this routine regularly, soon you will not need any list to refer to. You can always add and subtract items as per your choice, but try to make a crisp and a small list.

Scrutinize the area available

Before stuffing things into the bag, we need to allocate space for the small, medium and large items. Well, that’s what those numerous small, medium and large pockets, zippers and main pouches are for anyway! So the items that come off your list go into the right compartment, according to size. If you are not that good at remembering, try and put this in writing as well. It might sound tedious, but once it’s done, you will not need to repeat it ever.

What all have we got

Now lay down all the listed things that you want to put inside your bag, on the ground or a table, so that the size of each item can be matched with the bag’s pocket sizes.

Demarcate the lot

Now demarcate the lot as per the pockets and zippers. Plan which things need to go into which pockets and what all needs to be stuffed into the zippers, and then put them in accordingly. A few suggestions for this are:

  • Inner zippers: Try to put all the girly stuff you wouldn’t want popping out every time you open the purse, in the inside zipper pockets. This shall include your sanitary napkins, etc.
  • Inner pockets: Put your blush and eye shadows in these inner pockets, so that you can locate them easily and they are also safe from falling. There may be more than one inner pocket, so utilize the space well by putting your lipsticks in one and your Ipod and cell phone in the other.
  • Outer zippers: Keep the outside zippers for keys and other essential items that you will want to lay your hands on quickly.
  • Outer pockets: Keep this for your mints, headphones, a few sheets of papers or receipts, that you may need to pick out often.
  • Main pouch: The main pouch should always be reserved for your wallet or your tablet, as they need the most space.

Setting them all in place

Now as per the demarcations made, put all the things in their allotted places. Remember, the above-mentioned partitions are just a few suggestions that may come handy, but feel free to decide your own way of doing it.

Safety check

Remember, your identity cards or bank debit and credit cards should always be kept in the card pouch, or in your wallet and never in the purse pockets or zippers for safety.

The weekly check

As per the above suggestions, arrange your purse once; and after that, every week, just take 5 minutes, maybe on the weekend to de-clutter! Remove all the unnecessary papers along with the empty mint packets, etc. that have made your purse their home.

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