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Easy to do skin and hair tips for the girls in their teens

Skin & hair tips for teen girls


Teenage is when your body is developing and the hormones are having a free run. Several changes that happen now will leave a lasting impact. You would not want your zits to be one of them.

What to do? Do not prick your pimples! They will vanish for a while and then the scars will remain with you forever. Instead, apply benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid creams after cleaning your face with a gentle cleanser.

The safest bet? It is important in the long run, to keep yourself well hydrated, eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and stay healthy in general.


The freckles around your nose make you look cute, like a child. ‘Cute like a child’ is the last thing that you would want to hear as a teenager!

What to do? Never forget the sunscreen when you step out. Sunscreen will stop the existing ones from getting darker and also prevent new ones from coming up. Freckles fade away with age. But if impatience is getting the better of you, use lightening creams that contain natural ingredients like Vitamin C.

The safest bet? Stay cute, you will grow out of your freckles anyway.

Sweaty armpits

Oh, you know the answer to the question just asked by the teacher but you cannot answer, as that would mean putting up your hand and risk your sweaty armpits being seen by the whole class!

What to do? Sweating is a natural phenomenon that helps your body to cool down when you are feeling hot. It can certainly be embarrassing, more so if it smells! Start using an antiperspirant. It helps plug the sweat ducts, reducing the wetness. Choose one with a deodorant in it, as it will help you beat the bad odor too.

The safest bet? Drink a lot of water to keep your system clean naturally.


Cannot wear the little black dress to the Fresher’s Party due to fear of your dandruff showing up?

What to do? Start using a shampoo that contains selenium sulphide or tar or zinc pyrithone in it. The key is to leave the shampoo on your for a good five minutes before you wash it. For natural methods, you may use fresh lemon juice on the scalp or a mask made out of fenugreek seeds paste and fresh curd. Grandma would know so much more!

The safest bet? Natural remedies or chemical ones, the choice can be yours. It is equally important to OIL your hair regularly and wash it at least two times a week. Recurrent or persistent dandruff would warrant a visit to your dermatologist.

Cracked lips

It is your big date tonight and your lips are dry and cracked! Spoiler Alert, indeed!

What to do? Do not wet your lips, you will end up having drier lips. Reach out for your lip balm. Go for one that contains rich moisturizers like beeswax, lanolin or petroleum.

The safest bet? Dry lips indicate internal dryness. Drink up and stay well hydrated.

Frizzy curly hair

Curly hair seeks a lot of attention, from others as well as you.

What to do? Always use a moisturizing shampoo and a good conditioner to tame your curls.

The Safest bet? Massage a little bit of vitamin E oil into your scalp every week to keep your hair extra smooth, shiny and manageable.


You pick them regularly, but they keep coming back!

What to do? Do not pick at split ends. They will only come back. Avoid using hair-dryers often. Dry heat can cause a lot of damage to your hair. When you do use them, keep the dryer at least 6 inches away from your hair.

The safest bet? Get a haircut.

Oily hair

Your hair is so oily that they look wet all the time!

What to do? Wash your hair regularly with mild shampoos. Oily hair can attract a lot of dirt and dust that will only add to your problems. Home remedies like lime juice, vinegar and tea help a lot in absorbing the excess oil from your hair. Avoid using hard combs and do not brush too often as this will only activate the oil glands in your scalp and produce more oil.

The safest bet? Avoid using conditioners on your scalp. It is already producing enough oil to keep it hydrated!

Staying happy

Remember, you will grow out of most of your teenage problems. Eating right, staying fit, staying happy and a lot of patience will successfully bail you out during the hard times! Joy in life is a woman’s best cosmetic. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful.

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