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Hairstyling for older women

Hairstyling tips for older women

Wear a longer hairstyle

As you get older, your preferences also change. Now you can wear a longer hairstyle that looks sophisticated and sleek while framing your face with a nice cut. Ensure that your locks reach your shoulders to add more appeal.

Use a straightening iron to get rid of the frizz

Longer hair needs a bit of maintenance. Consider using a straightening iron to get that frizz out of your hair. Most of the times, grey hair tends to become coarse, especially if the atmosphere is humid. The straightening iron works like the curling iron and flattens out the frizz, rather effectively. You could also try the wavy effect, for which you could use a large curling iron instead, making those tresses curl, towards the end. To complete the chic look, use some hairspray of premium quality to add more shine and to make the hairstyle look even more stylish. Be careful while using the straightening or the curling iron as these can burn the skin on your face, fingers or scalp if the device is not handled carefully. If you are not confident about using them on your own it is advisable to get it done from a beauty professional.

Choosing the right hair color

Your hair color, in your youth, may have been a bright red or a jet black, but as it greys, you needn’t stick to the same hair color, as the younger you. Experiment with your hair color and opt for a softer shade that can make your hair look more flattering and natural. Another option is to color your hair a complete grey, but, first check which grey would suit your skin tone best. Strawberry blondes and light browns are also shades to consider. Avoid using harsh colors like bright red or jet black, as they actually make you look older. Using gentle colors adds an element of surprise to your personality.

Try using wigs for hair loss

Many women in their fifties start experiencing a noticeable hair thinning at the crown, which sometimes, results in baldness. Just as men lose their hair in volume and thickness as they age, women too lose hair, especially on the crown. If you have a balding patch on your head, which makes you self-conscious, wearing a wig can be a better alternative. Over the years, there has been a significant quality improvement in the synthetic fibers used to make wigs. You may choose from the extensive variety and price range that is available, to cover up your thin haired scalp. Also, try out different shapes and cuts to get a fresh, new look.

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