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9 Things women want perfect in their body

Things women are obsessed about in their body

Fair skin

The world has always been partial to the fairer skin. Beauty has been equated with fairness since times unknown. No wonder, women will buy every fairness cream available in the market to light the skin tone. Regular visits to beauticians, who apply facemasks of unimaginable ingredients for a fair and beautiful skin, become a part and parcel of a woman's life.

A clear complexion

Everybody wants to have clean skin, men included. But the pressure to have a clean blemish-free skin is just so much more on a woman. Right from the time a woman steps into her teenage and her first pimple appears, she is bombarded with advice. Mothers, sisters, grandmas, aunties, and even the salesgirl at the cosmetics shop, everyone has a well-intentioned advice for a blemish-free skin.

The weight issue

At any given point of time, a woman will never admit she is of the right weight. There is always so much more to lose. Thanks to the well-sculpted matinee idols, being thin was never so tough and demanding.

Fat fingers

Are your fingers slender and delicate? Are your nails well cut and perfectly polished? Do your fingers look inviting enough for your man? This is the kind of 'style and grooming' tips that can be found in every other woman's magazine. With thousands of young impressionable ladies being the readers of these magazines, the ones with fat stubby fingers are most certainly going to be unhappy about this. Understandably so, too!

Hair scare

Smooth and silky hair that doesn't need too much managing. Clean hair with no dandruff, no split ends, and no grey strands. This is what every woman dreams of. Of course, no bad hair days too. Wouldn't it have been so much simpler if there was the one perfect solution to all hair problems?

The breast bet

Women obsess a lot about their breast sizes. What size is the right size? Neither too big and neither too small is what is right. Unfortunately, no one has really defined what ‘too small’ and ‘too big’ is.

Butt naturally

Scientifically, it has been proven that a woman with a voluminous butt is very attractive for a man. Several cultures across the world believe that women with big back-sides bear healthy and robust children. So if a woman has a butt that may not be worthy of a second look, rest assured that she will leave no stone unturned to achieve that perfect behind. From exercises to surgery, she will definitely explore all the options.

Face without hair

Facial hair in a man may be a symbol of his virility and masculinity. But the same in women is an absolute turnoff. Genetics or underlying pathological disorders, no matter what the reason for the hair is, facial hair is an embarrassing issue for women. They will happily undergo painful procedures to get rid of them.

Small feet

Girls are supposed to be dainty and cute. Small feet are part of the charm. Imagine what a woman with big feet must be dealing with. Endless teasing, being made aware of it constantly, and add to it the practical problems like finding the right size, shoe bites- Having big feet can indeed be a nightmare.

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