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7 Interesting, awkward yet normal things that happen to women during sex

Women during sex

A dry well

Almost 30 percent of women feel irritated due to dryness at the time of intercourse. Using lubricant can help to overcome vaginal dryness. Foreplay and vibrators can make sex comfortable. Some women experience excessive dryness as they age. If dryness is more and taking a toll on your sexual life, take help of a gynecologist.

Sixth sense

Right within a couple of seconds to minutes of starting the sex, women just know it somehow how the rest of the intercourse is going to turn out good, bad, or something else. Women are quite intuitive when it comes to sex, and guess it rightly, if they are going to achieve orgasm or not in the first few seconds. If during certain sexual positions, like doggie-style, you have a need-to-pee feeling, it's completely normal," said Amy Levine, a sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure.

Desire to pee

It is not unusual for women to get that sensation and urge to Pee during intercourse. It can be confused with the feeling of impending orgasm. Go before you get started if you are holding back sex for the fear. It results from G-spot stimulation and can lead to female ejaculation-according to sex coach, Amy Levine.


Screaming during sex is normal. There is usually performance aspect to it. Making noises can be a good way to convey about what you want in bed and many women need to be vocal in order to climax. Some women are silent and others scream. Both are normal.


Women fart during intercourse. It is different from passing gas. It happens when air trapped in vagina passes out and makes a very similar sound called as physometra in medical terms. This is not abnormal and there isn't really any way to avoid it, maybe avoiding some sex positions can help. Switching positions can increase the chance.

Diversion and distraction

Women are totally within the act sometimes, all absorbed. At some other times, their mind is filled with thousands of thoughts. It is common for women to get easily distracted by things going on in their life and not able to focus.


A dull ache all over the head and neck during the act is not unusual for women. It can be a sudden pain at the orgasm or may gradually mount up with the growing excitement. Rarely it can be due to blood pressure fluctuations. Visit a doctor if you are hypertensive.

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