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6 Highly harboured half-truths about alcoholic beverages!

Misconceptions about drinking alcohol

Myth: Drink beer, it is not much harmful and intoxicating

A 330 ml can of beer or 110 ml glass of wine are equally intoxicating. The level of intoxication and harm depends on the amount of alcohol consumed. Thought it is true that beer has comparatively lesser alcohol than wine or vodka, the fact is that we tend to drink beer in larger volumes and ultimately end up consuming much more alcohol. So, more beer = more alcohol and intoxication.

Myth: Drink beer, drink wine, and drink vodka too - switch and swop between the drinks to get drunk fast

You will surely get sick. As mentioned about, the amount of alcohol consumed determines the intoxication. Mixing beverages and making cocktails can surely lead to stomach upset and make you feel sick the next day, but doesn't essentially make you more intoxicated.

Myth: Drinking can damage brain cells

A single peg won’t do that harm. There is no proof to advocate that alcohol kills brain cells. Certain studies rather suggest that moderate drinking improves heart and brain function. Having said that, we need to add that no human beings have been tested for positive effects of alcohol on brain yet. However, it is proved that prolonged alcohol abuse can lead to neurological impairment and dysfunction impaired learning and physical coordination.

Myth: Girls are losers - can't take even two beers!

Women get drunk much faster than men. The way in which woman's body processes alcohol is different from that of man. Women have short stature and thus have comparatively less volume of water to dilute intoxicating alcohol effects. Besides, women break down alcohol slower compared to men due to less amount and activity of an alcohol-breaking enzyme.

Myth: A cold shower and hot coffee can help you get over the hangover

None of them works. A cold shower can only stimulate your senses and make you a little alert and hot coffee will make the hangover worst. Neither coffee nor shower can reduce the alcohol concentration in blood.

Myth: Pop in a pill to get over the high

It might work, but be careful. Tablets like aspirin and dispirin should be taken cautiously because they can cause internal bleeding. Medication taken on alcohol can prove to be lethal. If you are the one who pops in a pill given by know-it-all friend, Beware!

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