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Common relationship problems and solutions

Tackling marriage & relationship problems

Poor communication skills lead to relationship problems.


  • Spend as much time as possible with each other.
  • Ban phrases like “You always...” or “You never...”
  • Listening is the most important and large part of communication. You should be sure that your body language reflects that, which means pay attention to what your partner is saying, do not ignore. Nod so the other person knows you're getting the message.

Couples who love each other can be incompatible sexually. Men and women may be sorely lacking in sex education and sexual self-awareness.


  • Plan and make an appointment, not necessarily at night when everyone is tired, perhaps a "before-work quickie. When you plan for sex and it’s on a calendar, it increases your anticipation.
  • Get to know what truly turns your partner on by asking him or her, of course, same goes with you.
  • Consult a qualified sex therapist, if the problem is not getting resolved on your own.

Before the wedding vows and from the expenses of courtship to the high cost of weddings, money problems exist.


  • Be true to yourself and others about your current financial situation.
  • Do not blame. Construct a joint budget.
  • Do not hide income or debt. Get your bank statements, debts and investments to the table.
  • Decide who will be paying the monthly bills.

 It is important to divide the work at home if both are on working terms.


  • Clear your respective jobs in the home. List down the jobs to be done, and who will be doing the respective jobs at home. The tasks allotted must be equitable so there is no resentment.
  • If you both hate housework, be open to other solutions suggested, as long as it is fair to both of you.

Conflicts are part and parcel of life and inevitable. 


  • Learn conflict resolution skills, this can help you both learn to argue in a more constructive manner.
  • It depends on you and it is your choice whether to react and how to react.
  • Try to respond in a different way, if the earlier response of yours has brought you pain and unhappiness.
  • Accept the mistake and apologize when you are wrong.
  • Learn to have a hold and control on your behaviour, as, it is difficult to control anyone else's behaviour.

Relationship rests on trust.

Is something stopping you from trusting your partner or others?

Solution: Follow the tips to develop trust in each other:

  • Be truthful
  • Be consistent.
  • Be on time.
  • Be fair, even in an argument.
  • Respect other's feelings.
  • Call when you say you will.
  • Call to say you'll be home late.
  • Do not overreact when things go wrong and be a good listener.
  • Be careful while saying anything; never say things you cannot take back.
  • Don't dig up old wounds.
  • Don't be jealous.

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