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The mystery of the male mind revealed!

10 secrets of a male mind

Men cannot help looking at other women

Many researchers have done a deep study and have evolved the theory which says that a woman with a body shaped like an hourglass activates those reward centers of a male mind which are associated with the drugs and alcohol and make them attracted towards that woman. Men tend to affiliate curvaceous hips with fertility and this is the reason they prefer women with hourglass figure for making love. 

Men are not good listeners (at least not as good as women)

According to science, men use just the left side of their brain to listen, unlike the women who use both sides of their brains to listen. Due to this men listen differently than women. Moreover, because men use just the left side of the brain for listening they need much focus and concentration which does not allow them multitasking while listening. Also research has proved that men perceive a woman’s voice in a different way than they perceive a male voice.  

Men are tough when it comes to pain

According to the studies conducted by some scientists, when men are subjected to pain their analytical centers of the brains get activated due to which they remain stable enough and act logically to stop the pain. Whereas, when a woman is subjected to pain their emotional headquarters in the brain get activated and they start to panic rather than to bring the situation under control.  

Men are not good empathizers

As we all know there are evolutionary differences between a man and a woman. A man has always played a role of a protector and defender of the family while a woman has always acted as a caregiver to the family and nurtures up the children or the young ones. Due to these differences the male brain acts more on the ‘systemizing’ lines while a female brain works more on the ‘empathizing’ lines.  

Men love sports

This addiction of men towards the sports be it cricket, tennis, football, squash or any game for that matter is due to the excessive production of a hormone called as ‘testosterone’ which is not formed in that quantity in females.  

Men like shopping

Yes ladies, do not get shocked if you find your husband asking you to accompany him to a shopping mall. Men like to shop but they are slightly different than women in the way they shop. While women spend lots of time searching men just decide beforehand, pick the stuff and leave. It is because of the evolutionary differences between men and women where women being the gatherer used to search minutely for the right food and the men being the hunters had to be quick in searching and killing the prey.  

Men do not think about sex all the time

The most common and mythical stigma regarding men is their alleged obsession with sex, with thoughts of the act consuming every minute of their days. FALSE. According to the Kinsey Institute, 54% of men think about sex every day; however 43% only contemplate the act a few times a month or a few times a week, and a very tiny 4% consider the thought just once a month.  

Men have a bad memory

So now you know why your husbands forget the wedding anniversary. The tactical part of the male brain plays an important part when it comes to forming and retaining memory while in the case of female the emotional part of the brain helps in memory building.  

Men are no less talkative

Women who are considered more talkative think that men do not open up but it is because of the difference in preferences for conversational topics. Studies have actually proved that men actually talk slightly more than women. Hope all these secrets will definitely give women a better insight to a male brain and will help them to understand men deeply.  

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