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Balderdash myths on male balding

Male hair loss myths and facts

Wearing hats leads to baldness

Expose your scalp to open air for at least one-third of the day. And in the remaining time, you may wear the hats for as long as you want. Please make sure that you do not sleep with hats on and remove them before you go to bed.

Hair products can cause baldness

There is no scientific evidence that hair oils and gels have any components, which can promote hair loss and baldness. If these still worry you, then switch to herbal and natural-based oils and gels.

Twiddling and playing with hair can lead to premature baldness

Hair doesn’t fall out early due to twiddling. Rather it’s a body language sign of apprehension and tension if you do it often. On the other hand, sometimes it helps you relax.

Mental stress and trauma can promote balding

Mental stress, fatigue, or depression - all these traumatic encounters will not affect your hair to make you bald.

Sunlight affects the hair follicles

Sunbathing will not harm your hair. Sun dwellers need not be scared to go out in sun. But you can surely use a hat or a scarf and take precautions while going out in sun to prevent a headache or sunburn.

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