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Hazards of being fashionable

Are you known as the fashion icon among your friends? Well, it’s time to know some deep dark secrets of being fashionable.

Skin fit jeans or Trousers: Skinny jeans are in fashion for guys these days. Many people are dressed in tight-fitting jeans or trousers, but are you aware of the health hazards they tend to bring along? Wearing skin fit jeans can result in fungal infection near the testes, which can lead to a painful disease condition.

Also, wearing such tight trousers often leads to low and unhealthy sperms. The tension creates near the penis leads to infections. So, sometimes it is really advisable to loosen up a bit, like literally! 

Tattoos: From getting your girlfriend’s name, to a new Arabic symbol, tattoos have been a trend amongst guys. But, the health hazards of this are quite obvious. The needle piercing can transmit many diseases, and the colors can create skin allergy. Everything is good when it’s followed up to a point. So, avoid going in for body art, and such dangerous pursuits.

Ties & shirt: While most men look dapper in their formals with a Body fitting shirt and a tight tie, this, as well, leads to many health issues. The tightness leads to constriction at the throat, and a general lack of ventilation. It can decrease proper blood circulation to the brain and head. Frequent headaches, blurred vision, tingling in head, can all be due to too tight ties, or collars. Wear shirts a neck size larger, and the tie looser. 

Undergarments: Most men do not prefer boxers, as they give them an old man feel. So, they conveniently opt for some different shaped undergarments. Now, while these undergarments surely give a more macho look, they can also pose problems. It affects potency levels and can causes infections due to the tight fit.

Body piercings: A new trend, among boys especially, is piercings on nose, ears, and even eyes, lips, and tongue. These body embellishments might look cool, but they sure are a big threat to your health. The after effects can range from a simple skin irritation to dangerous rash, to even skin cancer. For this reason, it’s necessary to go for a trusted piercing artist.

Now, let us move on to the dangers of fashion among the fairer sex.

High heels: They say it gives a good and confident posture to a girl’s body. Though high heels may get you the admiration, they will also give you painful conditions. Foot arthritis is the most common issue of them all. Additionally, there will be back pain and knee aches due to the continuous tension that heels create.

Lipstick: it’s the first choice amongst girls always, but few know that it is meant for external body application only. Being in a sensitive area, girls tend to swallow a lot of it. The intake of these chemicals with which they are made of, create skin troubles. Again, lipsticks are made from beeswax, and applying a lot of it may leave your lips black and dry. So, try and go for the herbal lip gloss and natural lipsticks always.

Eye-liners: Well, eyeliners, by virtue of being close to one of your most sensitive body part can cause eye infections and skin rashes. The best cure is to use only herbal or natural eye makeup products, and whenever such issues are reported, consult the doctor immediately. 

False Nails: False nails can, partially, or completely damage the nail beds, giving rise to fungal infections, and, in certain cases, due to continuous use could lead to respiratory problems as well. The nail solution here is to obviously avoid fake nails.

Big Bags: A totally trendy style is to carry a big fat bag, instead of the normal small money bag, and purse. It gives a very urban look and helps in storing a lot of stuff. But, research proves that a person should never carry a weight more than 10% his/her own body weight on their shoulders, for a longer duration. This majorly results in backaches, neck pains, and shoulder pains. This can even lead to bone damage. Carry the big fat bags if you are so fond of it, but do not overload it with accessories. 

These few pointers might be real killjoys but remember never sacrifice health to fashion! As for the looking good part wear your attitude, and you will come out looking awesome.