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Safety tips for college girls


Be alert

Never be a loner. Rapists and sexual offenders always pick on lone women or women with few friends on campus. Even if you have a rich social life, the chances are that someone could be following you to check your routine and could catch you unaware there. So be alert to that possibility that you might be followed. Even that stranger that you keep bumping into could be more than sheer happenstance, so don’t divulge any personal information to strangers. Try and alter your routes wherever possible from college to home or elsewhere.

Keep them informed

Always keep a parent or someone at home informed about where you are even if you are likely to be a few minutes late. Keep the SOS numbers provided on your mobile seriously as you not have the time to consult your mobile phone book in case of an attack.

Act now

Though, there is a particular section in a society which feels that most women who get raped invite it upon themselves through provocative dressing or otherwise. How sad and brutal is this statement? No matter what you are dressed like gives nobody the right to infringe your personal space or harm you. So don’t spare any lewd comments by the guys that hand out round corners victimizing young girls, as there might be a potential threat there.

Initiate safety programs 

Enroll on a personal and campus safety program or better still, you can take the initiative and form a group safety patrol whereby every female can have access to help in neighborhoods across the city. So if you are a registered member of a self-help community you can have tie-ups with police stations or citizens in every precinct aware of your group and that can greatly reduce misbehavior towards women.

Forewarned is forearmed

Most men who outrage the modesty of a woman are insecure men or perhaps a jilted lover. You may have turned down someone’s advances or been outright rude to a man who might just decide to settle scores with you in a dark alley. In such a case, always keep a friend informed about the slightest indication. Whether someone is writing threatening notes or calls, do not ignore but act immediately. Forewarned is forearmed.

Avoid disclosing details

If you live on the campus then remember never ever disclose your bank details or personal id to strangers. You could easily become a target to anyone while coming out of an ATM kiosk. So if you want to make a huge withdrawal make sure you do it in the daytime. Never ever disclose details about other fellow roommates or their whereabouts unless you trust the person completely.

Self-defense is the best defense

Self-defense is indeed the best defense. Let’s face it, this entire thing is as much a mental game as it is one of physical strength. You will need your wits about you to deal with college bullies and half a dozen men who will qualify for every cuss word in the book. It need not be rape always. It could be sexual harassment, abuse or violence which could be just as dangerous and vicious. A self-defense program will make you mentally and physically tough and help you take on the world in your own terms.

Dating tips

If you are out on a date and are likely to be late, then it is better to call a friend in front of your date so that he knows he’s better not try any funny business with you after. You have a right to decide how far you wish to go with anyone and nobody has a right to force you to have sex or get physical.

Drink less

Try not to consume too much of alcohol as that might blur your senses and cloud your judgment. There have been scores of instances where girls have been taken advantage of and could do nothing about it the morning after.

Driving tips

Try and avoid giving lifts to hitchhikers or strangers and avoid parking your car in lonely places.