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5 Ideas to make reading fun for your kids


Start simple

To start with, you can choose books with a lot of pictures. You can ask your kid to identify colours and shapes. As the kid grows, you can move on to BOOKS in the regional language and then to national or international language.

Kids special

There are renowned authors who are specialized in writing kid’s books. They are pretested on kids. You can prefer buying such award-winning books.

Something new

Get into a habit of reading something new daily and discuss with your kid, maybe a new car which has come to the market or a new recipe. Gradually you can get into asking him what he learned today.

Cultivate interest

Take him to the library. There are some libraries which offer memberships at a nominal price. They have a huge variety of books. This may cultivate interest, he may have a reading group too.

Reading hour

You can have a library at home too. Take your kid along when you to buy books. Have a family reading hour at least once a week, the whole family can sit together and read on.