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Tips for teens to lose flab and look fab

How can teenagers lose flab?

Set realistic goals

You should understand that everybody has a different genetic makeup. Some people are blessed with a good metabolism that burns the calories no matter how much they eat, while some are the exact opposite. So keep in mind that you will only lose the excess fat. Do not get carried by the waif-thin supermodels on television.

Healthy eating

What you eat is of utmost importance in weight loss. Start by never skipping breakfast. Eating breakfast gets your metabolism started and keeps you full though the day. Hunger pangs are felt less in people who eat a healthy breakfast daily.


Skipping food is not a way to lose weight. You ought to eat to lose weight.

Watch how you eat and how much you eat

Eating mindlessly can aid weight gain. Sit at a table and eat. Avoid eating in front of the TV. Give the food in your plate its due respect and time. Chew well. Chewing well makes you fill up faster. Eat every 2 hours and ask for small portions each time. Once you feel full, stop eating. Do not overeat.

Sleep well

Not getting adequate sleep can make you reach for the bag of chips and other junk. So see to it that you get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night. If you are suffering from sleeplessness, find out the reason for it and work on it.

Watch your drinks

Aerated drinks do not satiate your thirst and end up giving you a load of calories. Skip them. Go for plain water instead. It boosts your metabolism and also flushes out the toxins.


There is no substitute to exercise. Enroll in the local gym and work out regularly 3 times a week. If you do not prefer the gym, go for a walk, put on your favorite song and dance, take a swim or enroll in your school sports programmes. You need to burn off the calories and exercising ensures that.

Identify depression

According to the results of a research study conducted in the USA, depression is a key factor for teenage weight gain. Depressed teens are 10 times more likely to gain weight compared to their friends who are not depressed. Try to identify depression. Consult a physician and get it treated.

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