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Common causes of dizziness


Your priority if you feel dizzy is to put your feet up. Eat something nutritious, such as sandwich, if it has been more than two hours since you last ate.

Aerobic exercise

Improve the efficiency of your heart and lungs and help maintain a good oxygen supply to your brain by getting at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily. Do appropriate forms of exercise including walking and swimming. Be careful not to make the bath water too hot, since this might dilate the veins in your legs and lower your blood pressure, making you feel dizzy.

Exercises for vertigo

Certain head and body exercises can be beneficial if you suffer from vertigo. An ear specialist can arrange for you to learn these ‘vestibular rehabilitation exercises’.


To boost circulation, apply firm pressure in a circling movement with your thumb on the point two finger widths below your navel. To counter vertigo, apply thumb pressure with a press and release action in the hollow between the jaw and the skull just behind the earlobe.

When to get medical help?

Dizziness recurs. You also have a painful or stiff neck, fever, an earache or a headache. You are taking prescribed medication. Get help right away if: You also experience a change in vision, numbness in the face or limbs, palpitations, chest pain, breathlessness or confusion. Dizziness persists despite self-care.

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