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Stop doing it wrong! Common mistakes to avoid while exercising!

Workout myths & mistakes

Setting unrealistic goals

People get influenced by what they see on the television, in newspapers and in magazines. Waif thin supermodels, size-zero figures, six-pack abs; all this is achievable. But do you really need that? More importantly, is your body type suited for that? All of us have different body types and can lose weight only upto a certain amount. Trying to achieve the impossible will end up making you look sick and undernourished. So understand your body type and set goals accordingly. Remember, it is not about getting thin, it is more about becoming fit.

Doing the wrong type of exercises

Where did you learn the exercises that you do in the gym daily? By looking at others in the gym? Or maybe from a YouTube video? Though this isn’t entirely incorrect, it isn’t right either. You need to know what works best for your body type. You have to work out according to your body requirements. Blindly following others will not have the desired effect at all. So get a trained instructor to understand what exactly you aim for, he will chart out a workout programme for you.

Doing the same set of exercises

Change is mandatory. Repeating the same exercises is boring and will make you lose interest. Soon you will find yourself going to the gym out of routine and working out without the required intensity. Gym time will become more of a socializing time or time to catch up on your reading while you walk on the treadmill.

Changing your exercises very often

Exercising techniques are constantly on the change. New and exciting methods of working out keep coming up every day. It is important to not get carried away and focus on your workout plan. Jumping on every fitness fad that comes along will hinder your progress. Give the program you are following to show its effects, and then switch to some new one.


People take the ‘no pain, no gain’ saying too seriously and end up overdoing things. Too many repetitions, spending too much time in the gym, all this can be counterproductive. You will end up becoming tired and fatigue will set in. Instead of perking up your energy levels, too much time in the gym will make you feel tired and lazy. It will also result in you overworking and injuring some or the other muscle. This will surely keep you away from the gym for a couple of days. By the time you are fit again, you may have lost your motivation and desire for fitness!

Choosing a workout buddy

Find the right person to work out with. Working out with someone who is too chatty or is not motivated enough will start to show its effects on you too. Choose to work out with a professional. This will be the best motivation for you plus you will be doing things the right way.

Eat right

Weight loss is 30 % exercising and 70 % eating right. Stick to the right diets. Do not cheat. You are only hindering your own progress by doing so. Many people believe that working out on an empty stomach will help lose weight. Several such myths exist. Do not fall prey to them; instead get all the facts cleared by your trainer.

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