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Top 10 triceps exercises and their benefits

Triceps exercises to help you with daily activities

Triceps Dips

Place two benches 3 to 5 feet away from each other. Determine this on the basis of your height. Sit on one of the benches and position your palms on it. Place your heels on the opposite bench and move forward. Use your arms to assist your weight. Gradually, lower yourself until the point where your elbows reach a 90-degree angle. Stay in the position for 5 seconds and push yourself slowly back to the original position.

Benefit: This exercise greatly strengthens your upper body and helps you to balance your body weight evenly. An added advantage is the possession of an appealing physique.

Seated triceps extension

For this exercise, choose a weight bench or a seat which is adjustable. This can support your back while you are performing your exercise. Use a suitable dumbbell and hold it with both your hands. Slowly, raise it over your head. Lower it to the level where it is at an even level with the lower part of your head. At this point, your arms should be extended. If you want to push it a little more, then lower it until you feel that your arms are extended. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

Benefit: One of the main benefits of this exercise is that you can perform this exercise in many different positions with the use of varying resistance-tools. You can use a barbell, cable machine, or dumbbell when you try it in lying down position. In the upright position, you can try out an exercise band. This exercise also falls into the category of isolation exercises, that is, those exercises which focus on one joint and a muscle set. The triceps extension focuses purely on the triceps without the involvement of other muscle sets.

Close grip bench press

The primary muscles involved in this are the triceps along with chest and shoulders. You have to use a flat bench and barbell for it. Start by lying flat on a bench, holding the barbell with hands, with arms straight up. Lay your feet flat on the ground. Gradually lower the barbell while keeping your elbows approximate to your body. Then, push it up. This would extend your arms and focus on the contraction of your triceps. Exhale as you push and inhale while you lower the barbell.

Benefit: Make sure you do not arch your back while performing this exercise. The prime benefit is to create greater resistance in the pectoral muscles and biceps. This exercise is one of the best ways to work out your triceps. While the prime emphasis is on the inner triceps, other areas of your body will also be benefitted. This will allow you to handle the heaviest form of any triceps exercise. It also goes through a long range of motion (ROM).

Rope push downs

Begin by standing in front of a cable machine. Attach a rope to the high pulley and get hold of the attachment with your palms down. While keeping your abs drawn inside, push the rope down via your thighs. At this point, your back should be straightened and the elbows should be at your sides. As you push down the pulley, divide the rope apart after reaching the bottom and focus on triceps muscles alone. Stay in this position for 10 seconds and move to the original position.

Benefit: This exercise strengthens your triceps. It can also be easily done at the gym. Moreover, if you have a resistance band, you can attempt it while at home or on travel. This is also an isolation exercise. This workout works particularly well for those whose front-side of the arm is strong while the triceps are weak.

Clapping diamond push-ups

Start by doing a regular push-up. Bring your hands together in such a manner that the index fingers touch each other and so do the thumbs. Perform 10-12 push-ups unless you feel that you can do a clap. What does this mean? You would have to push yourself up to such an extent that you will be leaving the floor and doing a clap before your hands reach the floor again.

Benefit: This is also an isolation exercise which aims at primarily developing your triceps. The idea of placing your hands in that manner is to minutely alter the muscles involved in the exercise.


In this exercise, you will extend your arms and keep your torso bent. You could extend one arm at a time or both the arms simultaneously. Begin by placing your right hand and right knee on a bench. This will give them support. Then, hold the dumbbell in your left hand and place your upper left arm parallel to the floor. Slowly bend your elbows to make a 90-degree angle with your arms. Now, hold your upper arm stable and extend your forearm so that your entire arm is parallel to the floor. Repeat this exercise with both your arms.

Benefit: This is an isolation exercise where you target one joint of muscle sets. This will help to develop and strengthen your triceps, giving them a toned look.

Skull crushers

Begin by selecting a weight bench or an adjustable seat. This will give assistance to your back. Make sure your hands are facing out and not facing each other. Lie down on your bench and extend your hands over your head with a weight in each hand. Slowly bend your elbows such that the forearms are parallel to the floor. Gradually, straighten your arms and bring them back to the original position.

Benefits: Though the skull crushers are a little risky as the name would suggest, these are one of the best in terms of benefit to the triceps, working its way from the elbows to the broadest muscle of the back.

Overhead dumbbell extension

Hold a dumbbell and stand straight. Your feet should be a width apart. Let the dumbbell rest on your shoulder while your elbows point above. Get hold of the weight and lower it on to your back and underneath your head. This is the starting position of this exercise. Now, while you keep your upper arm rigid and at 90 degrees to the floor, lift the weight in such a manner that your arm is pointing straight up. Do not lock your elbows. Gradually, bring down the weight to the original position.

Benefit: This is an isolation motion where the main focus is your triceps. You can perform this exercise with other objects as well like a barbell, two dumbbells, elastic band, or EZ Curl Bar. Thus, it also has a convenient variation benefit.

Single arm pullover

Lie down on a bench and let your feet fall to the floor. In one hand, hold a dumbbell. At this point, your elbow of the same arm should be pointing up. Slowly hold the inside of the elbow with the other hand. This will stabilize the movement. Extend your arm so that it points towards the ceiling. Gradually, lower it back towards your face.

Benefit: Many sets of muscles are worked out in this exercise, starting from the pectoralis major to the latissimus dorsi. Majorly, muscles at the back of your arms, called the triceps brachii, are also amply extended as you move the dumbbell.

Triceps push-ups

In this exercise, there is a slight variation of the position of the hand in comparison to its position in normal push-ups. Such a variation allows you to focus on the triceps. Place your hands flat on the floor. Let your shoulders be a width apart. Keep your body straight and lower your body towards the floor in such a manner that you are almost touching the floor. Now, push back with full force, thus extending your arms.

Benefit: Since this exercise specifically concentrates on your triceps, they develop more efficiently. In this exercise, the pectoralis muscles of the chest are also worked more.

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