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Bone basics - Best exercises to keep your bones strong

Exercises to keep your bones strong

Bone-strengthening exercise

Bones are living tissues that show a very positive response to exercising by growing and becoming stronger. Bones are constantly growing and breaking in tiny amounts. By the age of 30, our bones reach the peak bone mass. Hereafter the bones go on decreasing in strength and gradually become weak. Those blessed with good genes and strong bones do not fall prey to diseases like osteoporosis soon, but for most others chances of developing some bone disease remains high.

Hence, it is very essential to take care of the bones and include exercises that focus on bone-strengthening in your fitness programmes.

Tai Chi

This slow and graceful form of exercise is a great bone-friend. Research studies show that people who did tai chi regularly showed more mineral density in their bones. Tai chi also prepares women for the post-menopausal bone problems by making their bones stronger.


The benefits of yoga are multi-dimensional, including your bones. No matter what form of yoga you practice, it is bound to have a positive impact on your yoga health. The Warrior Poses, Cobra Pose, Locust Pose are some poses that give strength to your hips, spins and wrists. In addition to this, practice of yoga improves your posture, balance and concentration preventing falls and fractures.

Brisk walking

Walking is the cheapest and simplest form of exercising. It is also probably the most beneficial of all too. Brisk walking helps to keep your bones, especially the hip bones strong and less prone to loss of density.


When you climb up and down the hill, the impact on your feet when you hit the ground is more than the average walking impact. The more the impact, the more helpful it is to maintain better bone-density.

Strength training

When you work your body against resistance, for example like doing weight training, there is stress exerted on the particular set of muscles and bones. Regular strength training exercises help to build the bone density.


The most enjoyable way to work out! Dancing forms like the Rumba, Salsa, Tango, Foxtrot, Zumba are all designed to give your entire body the perfect workout from head to toe. So put on your dancing shoes and get into the groove.

Racquet sports

Be it tennis, badminton or squash, racquet sports are great boosters of bone health. You twist your wrists, run around all over the court all in attempt to hit the ball. In doing so you are working on your wrists, spine and hips giving them the strength required!

Eat right

Exercises are important for developing bone strength, but as with all exercises eating right is important too. Make sure you include calcium-rich food in your diet regularly. Go for regular early morning walks so that your body can synthesize enough Vitamin D to digest and absorb all the calcium that you are eating!

Exercises alone are not enough for building your bone strength. You need to eat right and get enough sunlight for the full effects to set in. But exercise and proper diet may not help to reverse the bone density loss due to medical conditions or lifestyle choices like excessive tobacco and alcohol consumption.

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