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Gray styling!!..Hairstyles for the elderly ladies.

Hair styling tips for older women

Being a senior citizen has its advantages and disadvantages. Most people retire at this age and if you have been financially savvy, you will have some savings that can help you live a decent life without any need to work around. However, by this time, your age starts showing up on your face and you start feeling more conscious about the dress you wear or being at a social gathering. Your face and your hair are the two things that can instantly give you a makeover.

Here are some tips for hair care and hair styling of older women who love to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Wear a longer hairstyle: When you become old, your preferences change. Now you can wear a longer hairstyle that looks fine and sleek. Ensure that the hair locks reach the shoulders to add more appeal.

Use a straightening iron to get off with the frizz: Longer hair needs a bit of maintenance. Consider using a straightening iron to get that frizz out of your hair. Most of the grey hair tends to become coarse, especially, if the atmosphere is humid. The straightening irons help flatten the strands. If you want a wavy effect, then you should use a large curling iron instead and make your hair curlier towards its tips. Use some hairspray of premium quality to add more shine and to make the hairstyle look stylish. You should be alert when you are using the straightening or the curling irons as these can burn the skin on your face, or fingers, or scalp. If you are not confident using them on your own, it is better to get it done by a professional.

Choosing the right hair color: If your hair was bright red or black before and now they are turning grey, it is not necessary that you use the same hair color. You can ditch your hair color and opt for a softer shade that can make your hair look more flattering and real. You can as well color all your hair grey but find out which grey would look best with your skin tone. Strawberry blonde, light brown are also some of the colors to consider. Avoid using harsh colors such as bright red or black as they make you look older. Using a gentle color adds an element of surprise to your personality.

Try using wigs for hair loss: Many women by the time they reach their fifties, start experiencing hair thinning at the crown that sometimes results in baldness similar to male pattern baldness. Just as men lose hair in volume and thickness as they age, similarly, women too lose hair, especially, on the crown. If you carry a bald patch on your head, which makes you self-conscious, wearing a wig can be a better alternative. Over the years, there have been incredible changes in the synthetic fibers and the wigs made out of them. You can try out varying shapes and cuts to get different looks for a variety of events. If you use the available hair care gadgets and accessories carefully, you can look presentable and beautiful even after reaching the seventies.

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