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Terms & Conditions - TDONutrifit (referred as TDO)

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Tdonutrifit is a digital healthcare brand by Medisurge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (MTPL). We provide health and fitness guidance to our customers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our nutrifit program comes with a fifteen (15) day money back / refund policy in case a customer is not satisfied with our service. The refund policy is applicable under following criteria:

  1. The refund policy is applicable to both new and renewing customers.
  2. The policy is applicable if Tdonutrifit has not been able to activate the service within a turnaround time (TAT) of three (3) working days from the date of purchase.
    1. The service is considered activated once user gets the first call from a Health Coach for health profile.
    2. The time for call is provided by the user as per his/her convenience. In case the user is not available at a given timeslot, Tdonutrifit shall follow up for three (3) different timeslots as per customer’s preference. In case a customer is not able to provide a timeslot within three (3) days of purchase, the refund policy will not be applicable.
    3. In case Tdonutrifit has failed to follow the process of attempting the user for three (3) times, user can request for refund.
    4. Refund policy will not be applicable in case user fails to provide a convenient timeslot within three (3) days for the health profile call.
  3. The policy is applicable if the consumer is dissatisfied by the service provided under following criteria:
    1. Diet plan is not provided within two (2) working days of providing health profile, which includes but not limited to required photos, measurements, and medical data.
    2. No weekly follow up calls – In case a health coach / dietician has not provided the follow up service even once in two (2) weeks. The health coach / dietician requests for one convenient time slot for a weekly follow up call. In case user is not able to provide the time slot even once in two weeks, refund policy will not apply.
    3. No impact of program - User has followed the weight management program as recommended by the health coach but has not got any weight or inch loss/gain within first two weeks of starting the program. For refund under this criteria user needs to send following information while asking refund:
      1. Share current body measurements and photos
      2. Share current picture of weighing scale showcasing current body weight
    4. Service not delivered as explained during sales call – User needs to provide explanation in detail with following details:
      1. Name of sales agent
      2. Description of service promised and not provided
    5. Any other reason for dissatisfaction – User needs to specify the reason in detail.

Refund Process:

The customer needs to detail the reason for requesting refund to the Customer Support / Grievance team as explained above, on the email id given below. The decision of providing a refund is based on sole discretion of MTPL.

Customer Support / Grievance Team

Email id: caresquad@topdoc.in

Details Required:

  • Full Name
  • Registered mobile number
  • Registered email Id
  • Reason for requesting refund with details as mentioned above in policy

Please note: Once the consumer is provided with refund, he/she will not be able to use the diet plan or any other aspect of Tdonutrifit service. Also, post refund in provided Tdonutrifit/MTPL shall not be responsible for any health-related complications that may or may not have risen before or after use of the program.